Surface Treatment


Designed and developed to meet the stringent hard disk drive industry requirements, UNI-LUBE® is a proprietary coating for fasteners that reduces friction and improves surface cleanliness.

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Cosmetic Screw


UNI-SHINE® uses a proprietary texturing method which reveals the natural shine of machined steel. Unique patterns and textures are available to suit and match the fastener's surroundings.

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UNI-COLOR® is a special color coating that is designed and formulated to meet high-end cosmetic needs and market trends. Available in both spray paint and physical vapor deposition (PVD) techniques, this environmentally-friendly cosmetic coating offers excellent coverage and resistance against wear and corrosion.

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Self-tapping Screw


Specially designed for a wide range of engineering plastic applications, UNI-WAVE® fasteners ensure joint reliability even under the harshest working conditions including thermal expansion, vibrations and even contractions.

UNI-WAVE® II is designed with a double helix thread feature that ensures maximum joint reliability.


UNI-MAG® fasteners are specially engineered as an optimum assembly solution for magnesium alloys and other ductile materials. They are designed to allow multiple reinsertions and eliminate tapping process and assembly flaws.

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UNI-ALLOY® fasteners are developed to optimize assembly efficiency and reusability with its thread forming capabilities in aluminium and zinc alloys.

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Anti-galling Screw


Unitronic® is a high-strength material that provides an effective solution to thread galling – a condition where two mating parts are welded together due to excessive friction during fastening.

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