Technical Support

Unisteel offers more than just manufacturing. You can count on our partnership to provide end-to-end solutions for your needs.

Fastener Selection

With our years of experience and knowledge in the field, Unisteel will be more than happy to work with customers’ product development team to offer professional recommendations in selecting the right fasteners – from material selection to surface treatment- for your applications.

Product Design Assistance

Unisteel can assist with customers’ design requirements. Utilizing programs such as Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, U-G (NX Unigraphics) and AutoCAD for your applications, we can help select the correct materials and the right manufacturing process for the most economical production and the best performance of your products.

We offer optical product design and simulation support using industry’s leading software such as ASAP® (Advanced Systems Analysis Program) and ZEMAX®.

Prototype Development

The prototyping process provides a good opportunity to not only test out the component’s performance and enhance its design, but also to fine-tune its production methods. With full in-house tooling and manufacturing capabilities at Unisteel, we can quickly and efficiently develop prototypes from blueprint to final product, without compromising quality.

Unisteel is also equipped with ultra-high precision CNC (computer numerical controlled) single point diamond lathes and Class 1K clean room molding facilities for fabrication of high quality plastic optical components.

Performance and Application Testing

Unisteel test facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus to carry out performance tests and quality checks of both incoming raw materials and finished products. Tests include statistical process control (SPC) measurements, 2D/3D profile analysis, surface roughness, tensile strength, torsional analysis, hardness, concentricity gauge etc.

With a complete line of metrology testing equipment including interferometers, light meters, chromameters, luminance colorimeters and surface profilometers, customers can also count on Unisteel to manufacture lenses with required precision and accuracy.

Product Teardown

By conducting product teardowns, Unisteel is able to provide VE/VA by identifying areas for improvements relating to component design and recommending cost effective solutions to enhance the assembly and performance of your final product.