Cold forming in the electronics industry

Multi-station cold forming belongs to the core capabilities of the SFS Group. To date this technology has primarily been used in the automotive and medical sectors, but the countless advantages of the technique has led Unisteel to seek a technology transfer and information exchange. This puts the company in a position to serve the electronics industries with multi-station cold forming: an innovation benefiting customers and Unisteel alike.

Added Value

  • Material savings and improved productivity over machining
  • High precision and surface treatment possibilities
  • Improved component toughness
  • Component integration and simplification of complex assemblies

The advantages of cold forming

In contrast to machining techniques, cold forming offers a complete solution for mass production, with huge cost and quality optimisation potential.

Components that are newly manufactured with the help of cold forming

New technology offering new possibilities

This newly-acquired technological capability offers electronics industry players brilliant possibilities. Unisteel utilises the finite element method (FEM) of analysis to establish the best possible cold forming solution for each customer – eliminating the need for expensive prototyping.

Multi-station cold forming rapidly attracted customers from the electronics sector, resulting in the launch of numerous projects. Due to the intense effort for continuous improvement and unprecedented enthusiasm of the highly specialised engineers and project managers involved, it proved not just a case of introducing a new manufacturing technique but of generating added value for both existing customers and future business partners. The bottom line was another win-win situation; underscoring the official claim: “Inventing success together”.

Unisteel Multi-stage Cold Forming Abilities
Type Number of stations Wire diameter
Miniature Up to 6 Ø 0.5–10.0