Mobile Devices

We offer a diverse custom product portfolio and joint product development service to help customers realise their ideas to product. Over the years, we have taken up turnkey projects integrating functionality and aesthetics to the product design.

Range of Products

Miniature fasteners

We design and manufacture screws as small as M0.6 together with a wide range of licensed products from recess (TORX PLUS®, MICROSTIX®), thread (UNI-MAG®, DELTA PT®, REMFORM® II™ etc), cosmetic finishes (PVD, UNI-COLOR® and UNI-SHINE®) and sealants (UNI-SEAL®).

LED flash lenses

We specialise in optical design delivering highly quality lens of different sizes and shapes that satisfy the needs of customers’ product.

Precision metal components

Jointly design with customers, we advise and offer tailored manufacture solutions by integrating our core technologies to produce highly functional and cost-effective metal components such as phone internal antennas and buttons.

Contact & Services


Team Electronics (Unisteel)

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