Surface Treatment

Underlying every product that is delivered to customers is the surface treatment that differentiates Unisteel from our competitors. With in-house capabilities and strong R&D acumen, customers have come to rely on our expertise in high-end surface technologies ranging from cosmetic finishes that improve aesthetics to treatments that enhance product reliability and performance.


Extensive range of services

Unisteel provides a comprehensive range of high-end surface treatments that deliver optimum performance in every application from fasteners, metal components to optical and plastic components

Innovative solutions

Over the years, Unisteel has developed many high performance trademark products such as UNI-SEAL, UNI-COLOR, UNI-SHINE, UNI-LUBE, UNI-PATCH etc to fulfill customer needs

Bring aesthetics into functionality

Unisteel has developed creative solutions – from colored screws to artistically textured screws - for customers who want to add an element of aesthetics into their products

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