Unisteel has earned the trust of our global clientele with our cutting edge precision metal fabrication capabilities including cold forming, metal stamping, CNC machining and wire forming. Through the years, we have worked closely with customers – from design to prototyping to mass production- to ensure products are manufactured to design conformance and engineering precision.


Extensive technical know-how

With our in-depth technical knowledge, full in-house tooling design and metal forming competencies, we are capable of manufacturing precision metal components to meet even the most demanding design requirements.

Flexibility in design

Jointly design with customers, we advise and offer tailored manufacture solutions to produce high accuracy in components needed to perform stringent tasks

Variety of services

We provide turning, milling, drilling, rubbing, grinding and reaming to create components of precise contours and complex shapes for our customers

Reliable secondary process

A reliable secondary operation to support creation of highly functional complex components

Contact & Services


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