Fastening Solutions

With full in-house capabilities in design, tooling, manufacturing and surface treatments, Unisteel offers customized fastening solutions to meet customers' needs.



Customised design for optimum screw performance to meet customers' specific requirements

Miniature fasteners

We design and manufacture screws as small as M0.6 to meet market demand for thinner and smaller consumer goods

Extensive range of licensed products

We carry a wide range of licensed products from recess (TORX PLUS®, MICROSTIX®), thread (UNI-MAG®, DELTA PT®, REMFORM® II™ etc), cosmetic finishes (PVD, UNI-COLOR® and UNI-SHINE®) and sealants (UNI-SEAL®) for all applications

Special Fasteners

Threaded Inserts


Thread Form


Surface Treatment

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