1,000 days without an accident

The colleagues from the SFS Malaysia site reached an unprecedented work safety and health milestone in October 2020: With 1,106 employees (number of employees at end of 2020) the site passed the mark of 1,000 consecutive days without a workplace accident leading to lost time . This impressive success will now be extended across the entire Group. In this Success Story, the project managers and other employees at the site tell us how they achieved this goal.

Added Value

  • Occupational health and safety integrated into daily processes
  • Corporate culture as the basis of success
  • Focus on safety every day
Fire drill training at site in Malaysia

Integrating employee safety and health into the daily routine

This important milestone demonstrates how strongly the employees of Unisteel Malaysia are committed to our core value of “occupational safety and health” and how well they have integrated it into their daily routines. The high level of safety on the production floor is the result of continuous and mutual engagement of the workplace safety team, the employees and site management. In addition to other measures, weekly safety discussions and pre-task plan meetings ensure that all employees are aware of potential hazards and know how to manage the risks.

Nuraini Sarah Abdul Mutalib Safety and Health Coordinator
“As a Safety Officer, I’m thrilled to have reached this milestone, which wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment and support of all employees. It's nice to see how we have achieved our goal of zero occupational accidents at work by implementing continuous improvements in all departments. This achievement is proof that we all view workplace safety as a priority in our daily routines. The general work environment and processes have improved, which gives me a good feeling about working here. All safety issues were easily communicated and this has led to a proactive approach towards workplace safety and health management. This motivates me to do even more to help Unisteel reach the next milestone.”

More than just luck

Everyone who contributed to this milestone agrees that you need more than luck to operate a factory for 1,000 days without any lost-time accidents or injuries. In the event of a minor incident or near-miss, the occupational safety and health team and plant managers drew the necessary conclusions to avoid a repeat in the future. Accordingly, all employees have a positive attitude about workplace safety and are highly motivated to go another 1,000 days without a lost-time accident.

Juddin Mansuri Machine Operator
“I’m happy because I work in a safe and healthy environment where there are no accidents or injuries. I feel safe in my job at UTM.”

Corporate culture the basis for success

Employee safety and health was a top priority at SFS even before the coronavirus pandemic struck. Workers at the site in Malaysia have come to appreciate SFS’s corporate culture and approach workplace safety with a new focus every day – to ensure that all employees and site visitors return safely to their loved ones after the workday is over and we can be a reliable partner for our customers.

Muhamad Harizal Abu Amin Process Engineer
“I feel that I work in a safe environment and that Unisteel manages workplace safety issues very well. Thanks to the sensitization measures that are implemented at the company on a regular basis, everyone adheres to the safety rules and guidelines.”

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