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3D transfer system

The introduction of 3D transfer system to metal forming vertical presses is primarily driven by expectations of product dimensional accuracies, high outputs, and complex part geometries. The product range and capabilities of forming technologies at Unisteel, include stamping, drawing, forging and extrusion, are broadened by the application of this 3D transfer system.

Added Value

  • Increased dimensional accuracy by introduction of a 3D transfer system in metal forming vertical presses
  • Extended range of products and competence in the field of forming technologies
  • More flexibility and simplified fabrication of complex part geometries

The 3-axis movements are synchronized with transfer grippers, ram and ejection cycles and are optimized to balance transport speed and precision-made with a combination of the following components:

1. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) - Communication between sensors and digital linear actuators, control system monitoring and error diagnosis

2. Numerically-controlled servo motors and toothed bars, with transfer repeatability of ±0.1mm

3. Aluminium transfer rails that balance required rigidity and lightweight to achieve minimal deflection

4. Quick-exchange transfer rail and grippers for reduced downtime and faster adaptation for production

Precision parts with complex profiles for the Electronics market

Advantages of the transfer system

The added vertical movement of the transfer system is useful for maintaining clearance of part from die and press to prevent collision and ensuring precise positioning of the workpiece in die before forming takes place. This system also unlocks full potential of the forming technology by providing greater flexibilities in tool and forming progression designs and allowing special operations such as part rotation and sideways stamping to take place in one process.

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Application to Electronics

The 3D transfer system has played a critical role in the successful realisation of Unisteel’s recent projects as well as in the upcoming Automotive camera housing project.

The adoption of 3D transfer technology has made Unisteel a successful manufacturer of precision components with complex profiles and irregular shapes for the electronics market. Thanks to its 3-axis transfer motions, 90° and 180° rotations of workpieces are easily achievable for trimming and forming on different regions. The trimming operations require the blanks to be centred in die by the transfer fingers before the sides are trimmed to accuracies of tens of microns. Its static and dynamic rigidity during the transfer ensure high production output and machine OEE.

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