Ready for the future

Following 15 months of intensive building, the global production platform of Unisteel Technology China (UTC) is ready for action. The new manufacturing site is located in Nantong Sutong in China, where it unites – as the second largest plant in the SFS Group – the eight core technologies of Unisteel, including extensive surface finishing treatments, under one roof.

Added Value

  • Eight core technologies united under one roof
  • Use synergies through cross-divisional know-how and technology transfers
  • Coating license enables surface finishing in-house

Uniting core capabilities and winning synergies

The new China plant, with its 90,000 m² of land space (78,000 m² build-up area) and in-house technologies, is ideally equipped to deliver products and solutions for the Electronics division while also realizing projects for other SFS divisions. Know-how and technology transfer projects enable cross-divisional partnerships. Joint exploitation of knowledge and resources will help to create innovative solutions and services as well as added value for our customers and for SFS.

The new location in Nantong is the second largest of the SFS Group

Surface finishing license enables one-stop solutions

In contrast to many of its competitors, UTC has a comprehensive operating license for galvanic processes to accomplish an extensive range of surface finishing techniques. Because of the surface finishing processes such as Nickel and Zinc plating or heat treatment the products are able to meet demanding customer specifications. The advantage of having such a license is obvious: it allows UTC to offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions as a single-source provider, without any need for further processing by another third-party provider.

The new production platform offers plenty of space for new projects

Plenty of space for future projects

Optimum space planning and utilization at the new site is central to successfully realizing the anticipated growth in all business areas. The still unused space not only offers flexibility, but also makes the new production site an important platform for cross-divisional solutions and the further development of existing technologies, especially for activities of the Automotive division. Around 24,000 m² of land are currently planned and available in UTC for future extensions and new projects.

Teile Kaltumformung
The Electronics division also uses cold forming technology at the new location

Change brings new opportunities

The infrastructure in place at UTC demonstrates SFS’s firm commitment to accommodate to changing circumstances and to plan ahead for the future. Galvanization was no longer possible at the company’s former site in Shanghai. The new plant in Nantong not only offers customers an alternative, it has comprehensively enlarged the available spectrum of in-house surface finishing services. With the consolidation of all UTC manufacturing processes for fastening solutions and precision parts, from stamping, cold forming and machining to wire forming and injection molding, at this new site, SFS can provide first-class products and services of flawless quality under the brand name Unisteel. This underscores our positive approach to change, both now and in the future, and our goal of achieving sustainable growth at the new location and across the Greater China region.

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